Wicked Step Stitcher


Everyone loves a super cozy rag quilt but who wants to spend hours cutting and clipping all those edges!? Now you don't have to!! Our rag quilts come completely pre-cut!! even the rag edges!! You wont even need a pair of scissors!!

Just select which fabrics you would like and how many squares you would like and we will send them to you completely cut and ready to put together!!

Each square comes with FRONT AND BACK!! 

Each square is 12" for a finished size of 10" 

You select how many you want for your desired quilt size.

For example if you want your finished quilt to be 50" x 60" 

you would order 30 pre-cut blocks. (REMEMBER block price INCLUDES front and back!)

Just order your blocks and list your fabric choices in comments on check out.

If you would like pre-cut batting squares to fit your blocks order what quantity you like and we will send them also!!!