Dreamy Dimple Minky Coral

Riley Blake

$13.79 $15.00

OOHHH So Soft!!! Dreamy minky!! Who doesn't LOVE to cuddle up with Minky?!

This soft and cuddly Dreamy Minky has a 3 mm dimpled pile. It's perfect for creating quilt backs, blankets, plush toys, and more.

Beautiful Coral color and heavenly feel!! Perfect for baby quilts, teenage quilts or anyone who is a fan of cuddles. This will be their favorite quilt!!

This truly is steal the blanket from the baby soft. 

I sent a quilt to my niece when she had her first baby. My niece loved the minky so much that she fell asleep on her daughters blanket the first night it was there!!


100% polyester

Width: 59"/60"

 Machine Wash Cold / Tumble Dry Low