Custom Embroidery

Everyone wants something uniquely their own!!!
When you create a quilt for someone you love, You think of them, their likes and dislikes as you select the fabric, You think of their style as you select the pattern.  As you sew, they are in your thoughts with every stitch! 
You've already put a lot of love, and a little of yourself, in that quilt!! Now, add that personal touch to take your creation to the next level by selecting to personalize that gift!!
We personalize your fabric BEFORE you sew it together!! No need to ship it back and forth! 
 Let us know which fabric you would like embroidered, and Select from one of our designs or semi customize your own!! 
We take either a 5"x5" or a 10"x10" square and personalize your fabric.
Once the embroidery is complete we will ship your order!!  
Message me on facebook or instagram for a quote